Class Final Winners:

Class First Second Third
Mens One T370 | Mike Greaves SP24 | Ashleigh Robinson ST19 | Simon Farrar
Mens Two S118Y | Jack Farrow Y150 | Alan Suttle SC2 | Shaun Thompson
Mens Three S151Y | Paul Bulmer IK316 | Martin Beaney WR64 | Martin Walker
Mens Four M60 | Nicky Williams SN6 | Wes Johnson YD20 | Emily Jefferson
Mens Five C41E | Antony Jackson ST6 | Colin Chilvers P24EM | Brian Wright
Mens Six N25 | Andrew Smith S25Y | Nev Armstrong N166 | Kev Spriggs
Mens Stock Hatch S17Y | Joe Neal S51Y | Pete Wall WR99 | Mark Day
Mens Seven YD178 | James Almack SP222 | Brendan Guest YD8 | Lee Nickling
Mens Eight WR20 | Ian Stephenson SC1 | Antony Ross Y811 | Dave Newby
Mens Nine SC150 | Anthony Read P5EM | Jason Richardson WR111 | Paul Wright
Mens Ten R7 | Paul Fackrell Y88 | Neil Rawlinson SC12 | Andy Patrick
Mens F600 ST1 | Terry Cox ST42 | Gavin Waby WR35 | Neil Richardson
Ladies One ST447 | Tina Hilton SC171 | Kirsty Malkin NASA6 | Rebecca Green
Ladies Two ST81 | Katy Holmes SC85 | Emma Hall YD2 | Angie Hilton
Ladies Three S292Y | Julie Shaw
Ladies Four ST888 | Wendy Standish Y15 | Leigh Daniells L15 | Lisa Branston
Ladies Five ST6 | Sarah Chilvers T72 | Kate Dixon IK91 | Samantha Whipps
Ladies Six WR900 | Becki Mallinson P59EM | Pam French IK92 | Sue Whipps
Ladies Stock Hatch SL45 | Fiona Macintyre
Ladies Seven LM30 | Charlotte Pugh ST2 | Nicola Mackenzie ST16 | Sarah Chilvers
Ladies Eight WR30 | Gemma Stephenson WR20 | Lindsay Stephenson ST44 | Nicola Mackenzie
Ladies Nine YD117 | Christine Raffel ST337 | Nicola Odlin SC442 | Ashleigh Mason
Ladies Ten
Ladies F600
Junior Saloons ST19 | Jake Farrar
Junior Specials WR11 | Sean Wright

Other Finals & Information:

The Philip 'Bimbo' Bryan FASTEST SALOON ON GRASS 2010 Champion

C41E | Antony Jackson


The Bob Mosley FASTEST SPECIAL ON GRASS 2010 Champion

ARC4 | Phil Cooper



N34 | Matt Tasker



YD343 | Katie Wilson


FASTEST MAN ON GRASS- Sponsored by Ken Hammond 2010 Champions

ARC4 | Phil Cooper


The Mandy Thompson FASTEST LADY SALOON ON GRASS 2010 Champions

WR900 | Becki Mallinson


The Mandy Thompson FASTEST LADY SPECIAL ON GRASS 2010 Champions

SC17 | Clare Horner


The Mandy Thompson FASTEST LADY ON GRASS 2010 Champions

WR20 | Lindsay Stephenson


The Dave Hodgson FASTEST JUNIOR ON GRASS 2010 Champions

S67Y | Zack Booth


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Fastest Man On Grass 2010