2003 Class Championship Points

Final Class Standings

Class Winner Runner Up Third Place
Mens One ST555 | Colin Richardson ST5 | Martin Dalzell ST531 | Tom Nicholls
Mens Two ST35 | Gavin Winter ST81 | Mark Bailey T151 | Steve Bishop
Mens Three ST31 | Tim Brown ST441 | Aaron Mackenzie ST0 | Dennis Dalzell
Mens Four ST53 | Tom Nicholls ST340 | Dave Ferguson ST331 | Michael Taylor
Mens Five ST59 | Martyn Dunmow ST73 | Terry Goodyear ST39 | Chris Campling & LM4 | Terry Rigney
Mens Six SC900 | John Knipe LM147 | Bryan Layland ST130 | Pete West
Mens Seven LM17 | Vinny Gibbons ST82 | Karl Mosley ST65 | Simon Pallett
Mens Eight ST111 | Oliver Cox ST92 | Alan & Mick Butler ST1 | Terry Cox
Mens Nine SC99 | Andy Kershaw ST11 | Jim Miles S62Y | Mark Hatfield
Mens Ten SC3 | Ken Salt ST10 | James brook ST6 | Karl Mosley
Ladies Eleven ST531 | Angie Nicholls ST01 | Helen Lawson ST5 | Kirsty Robinson
Ladies Eleven A T13 | Karen Terry T8 | Dawn Ferguson ST72 | Kirsty Robinson
Ladies Twelve ST53 | Angie Nicholls S66Y | Helen Lawson T12 | Karen Terry
Ladies Thirteen ST31 | Annerly Wales
Ladies Fourteen ST502 | Wendy Goodwin
Juniors LM140 | Andrew Dingley & T372 | Dave Tasker SC86 | Danny Page SC085 | Jason Page


Other Trophies

CGTRO Grand Prix

First Second Third
ST35 | Gavin Winter SC99 | Andy Kershaw SC621 | Russ Thompson


Trophy Winner
Red Lion Champion T370 | Michael Greaves
Macspeed Saloon Champion ST13 | Abi Mosley
Macspeed Special Champion ST10 | James Brooks & ST92 | Alan & Mick Butler
The Dave Hodgson Junior Championship T372 | Dave Tasker
Ladies Champion of Champions T8 | Dawn Ferguson
The Hector Worrell Mens Champion of Champions T370 | Michael Greaves
The Sturton & Stow Motor Sports Club Champion of Champions, Sponsored By Harvey Engineering SC99 | Andy Kershaw