2005 Class Championship Points

Final Class Standings

Class Champion
Mens One ST54 | Tom Bell
Mens Two ST35 | Gavin Winter
Mens Three ST31 | Tim Brown
Mens Four ST66 | Kevin Higgs
Mens Five ST6 | Colin Chilvers
Mens Six ST30 | Andy Cooper
Mens Seven ST82 | Karl Mosley
Mens Eight ST77 | Norman Ross
Mens Nine Y26 | Neil Clayton
Mens Ten T41 | John Whitehouse
Ladies Eleven ST447 | Tina Hilton
Ladies Eleven A ST74 | Laura Makar
Ladies Twelve ST18 | Wendy Betley
Ladies Thirteen ST31 | Annerly Wales
Ladies Fourteen ST40 | Debbie Kettlewell
Junior Saloons SC9 | Tom Sanderson
Junior Specials ST37 | Matt Boucher


Other Trophies

CGTRO Grand Prix

First Second Third
T158 | Darren Ince T111 | Mark Graham ST35 | Gavin Winter


Trophy Winner
Red Lion Champion SC130 | Gary West
Macspeed Saloon Champion ST54 | Tom Bell
Macspeed Special Champion
The Dave Hodgson Junior Championship SC9 | Tom Sanderson
Ladies Champion of Champions
The Hector Worrell Mens Champion of Champions SC621 | Russ Thompson
The Sturton & Stow Motor Sports Club Champion of Champions, Sponsored By Harvey Engineering ST360 | Nick Henshaw
CGTRO Grand Prix Champion of Champions - Saloons T158 | Darren Ince
CGTRO Grand Prix Champion of Champions - Specials ST131 | Dave West